St. Francis Required Summer Reading - Rising 7th Grade

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For Rising 7th Graders 

You will read two books for school this summer.  The first is Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief. The book is divided into four parts: The Gods, Nature Myths, Demigods and Fables. During the summer, please read only The Gods and Nature Myths sections. Right now let's just start with The Gods. Below you'll find some activities to do after reading this section of the book.

Part I: Gods Play 

After reading about the Greek gods (pp. 3-52), choose three gods to write a short play (skit) in which the three gods interact. The idea here is to reflect the personality and concerns of the three gods in the dialogue that you create for them. Type out your short play using the format traditionally used for drama (see the example below): 

Poseidon: I ruled the seas long before you ever came on the scene young lady, and the manner of my . . well, rebirth, was no more strange than your own advent. Seems to me you're nothing but the product of a terrible headache. 

Athene: Oh really, is that so? Be quiet old sea spray. Or should I say vomit stain? (Ath ene turns her back on Poseidon) 

Apollo: Easy you two. Let's not get over emotional. (Apollo looks nervous and waves his hands in the air)  

Poseidon: Your beloved people, those silly Athenians, will drown when I unleash my wrath. What do you have to say to that, Athene? 

Athene: You don't scare me or them. God of the sea? Hardly. You're nothing but a drip, Poseidon. Thanks to me, the Athenians have everything they need: abundant grain, walls of stone, and most important, the sails to ride along your tiny, harmless waves. Go tend to your kraken old man, you don't frighten me in the least. 

Do you get the picture? The Greek gods, far from ideal role models, were much like humans and not above acting like people in soap operas or so-called reality shows. Write in this vein, trying to be as imaginative as possible while staying true to the essence of these mythological gods. The short play should be no more than two typed pages. Note that there is a gap (space) between the characters (gods) and too that stage directions are italicized. 

PART II: Independent Reading

Your second book is a novel or a creative nonfiction book of your own choosing. You will complete an evaluation of this book and give a short presentation about it in August when school begins.

See you on the first day of school. Enjoy your summer vacation!

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