St. Francis Required Summer Reading - Rising 5th Grade

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For Rising 5th Graders:

It’s Summer Vacation! You Can’t Be Serious!

Studies have shown that reading and writing over the summer can enhance or maintain a child’s academic abilities going into the following school year. Without practice, there can actually be a lapse in some skills and information that is useful for the first month of school in the new year. 

For children entering 5th grade, there are two assignments to complete over the summer. Students are asked to read two chapter books of high interest. 

In the first week of school, 5th graders will share a written summary of one of the books they have read over the summer. 

And for the second book, they will present an OYO (On Your Own) presentation depicting a scene or character from the book they read.

An OYO presentation could be:

A scene depicted in a diorama (shoebox)

A comic strip depicting a chapter or scene in novel

A diary entry written from a character’s perspective

A letter written as one character to another character in the novel

A re-enactment of a scene from the novel recorded into a 2 minute video

A poster with characters’ personalities listed under the visual representation of each character

A poster with scenes from the novel depicted in a sequential format

A re-enactment of a scene through ‘puppet’ style depictions

Dress as a character from the book and allow a Q&A style interview with the class