Local Author Policy

Local Author Policy


Carmichael’s Local Author Policy Statement

Thank you for your interest in an event at Carmichael's, and congratulations on the publication of your book! We support local authors by carrying their books and hosting events when we are able. But, as you can imagine, we receive many requests for events and cannot accommodate everyone.

In our experience, events for local authors are the most successful when it is the first book launch event to which friends and family are invited. If you have already had a book launch event at another store in the area, or if a large number of your guests have already bought a copy of your book, your event is less likely to be successful. We might still be willing to host an event for you, but you will need to have a book and a marketing plan that we believe will have a strong appeal to our customers. Event planning is fun, but it is time consuming and demanding of our resources. When it's done right, it is successful for everyone.

Local Author Inventory

Carmichael’s supports a diverse literary culture in Louisville and is happy to provide a retail outlet for sales of books by local authors published through non-traditional methods. If your book is self-published, published by a company that Carmichael’s does not already do business with, or is available only on a non-returnable basis, we will work directly with you to sell your book on consignment. We are only able to work with authors in the Louisville area. Please note: we charge a $5 processing fee to carry your book on consignment.

Our consignment program is an agreement between you (the author) and Carmichael’s (the bookseller) to offer your book for sale in our stores. By leaving your books with us you agree to abide by the guidelines laid out here.

If you leave your book with us on consignment Carmichael’s will

  • Place your book on our shelves for sale at both stores.
  • Track sales of your book.
  • Issue a check after we’ve sold at least 5 copies.
  • Remove your books from sale after six months unless the book continues to sell.
  • Mail your books to the address you gave us along with a check for copies sold. Please let us know if your address changes.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up with us. We will not contact you for any reason other than to replenish our stock.

If you would like Carmichael’s to carry your book on consignment, you must agree to:

  • Pay Carmichael’s $5.00 handling fee.
  • Set a reasonable price for your book.
  • Divide the retail price according to standard publishing industry terms.
  • Offer your books at the same retail price to all outlets, especially those in Louisville.
  • Send your friends and family to Carmichael’s to buy your book.
  • Include Carmichael’s in your marketing and advertising.
  • Pick up any unsold books within six months or we will mail them back to you.