Local Author Consignment

Carmichael's Bookstore Consignment Policy

Carmichael’s supports the diverse literary culture in Louisville and our surrounding areas, and is proud to provide a retail outlet for sales of books by local authors who may not have access to traditional publishing sources or distribution paths.

Consignment at Carmichael’s is intended to help local authors and other creators connect with Louisville readers. Those who do not live and work locally, or have a strong connection to Carmichael’s or the Louisville community will not be considered for sale.

The consignment program is supervised by one of our booksellers, Mark Schultz. You can email Mark via the following address:


Introduce yourself to Mark and give him a brief explanation of your work, and he can provide further information in the form of our Consignment Policy Brochure.

Please note that we receive a large number of consignment requests, so be patient when it comes to a response or decision. Submissions will not be accepted without first contacting Mark through the above email address.

We ask that you do not mail unsolicited samples of your work to any of our stores, or personally leave them with any of our booksellers, as they will not be accepted or considered for sale.