Kindle Fire

Step 1: You will need to set up an account with KOBO
As Kindle Fires are popping up around the US, many of our customers have been asking whether it is possible buy eBooks from Carmichael's to load on the Kindle Fire.  The answer is that it is in fact possible to run the Kobo app on the Kindle Fire through a process called sideloading.  Sideloading refers to the practice of installing apps without going through the official app store on a device, here's how:
2.In your Fire, click on the Settings icon, the gear-looking symbol in the top-right corner, then click on More… in the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll down to Device and tap it to open those options.

4. Near the bottom, you’ll find “Allow Installation of Applications.” Change that from OFF to ON. You’ll get a warning that says that installing apps from unknown sources can be dangerous for your security. Tap that you accept that. (You should always be careful about what you install and install only apps that you trust, like the Kobo app.)

5. Tap the Home icon in the bottom-left corner, then Web in the menu at the top.

6. Tap the button below or open this url in your browser and the download will begin. 

it will look like nothing has happened, but tap the Menu icon at the bottom then tap Downloads.

8. In the Downloads menu, you should find Kobo_4.4.3403.apk. If it’s not there, tap the back button to go back to attempt the download again.

9. In Downloads, tap the Kobo_4.4.3403.apk file and a menu will appear asking if you would like to Install or Cancel. Tap Install.

10. That’s it! Now you can go back to Home and you’ll see the Kobo icon, a big K. It’s also accessible in your Apps menu. Tap the Kobo icon and follow the instructions.