Sylvia Holden

Event date: 

Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 7:00pm
2720 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206


Sylvia Holden is a Kentucky native who grew up in Louisville. After finishing her Bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University, she lived in South Korea for 3 years where she taught English to children. Holden's love of her home state has allowed her to become an ambassador and advocate for Kentucky, and all its beauty. This is her first published children's book. 

Author statement:

"This book was inspired by my love for a little boy I nannied who was moving to
Michigan and for my nephew Ennio. After spending hours playing in the land of
make believe, reading Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, building forts,
playing in the tub, and crying over spilled milk (literally), I realized there was
nothing really fun for a toddler to grasp about Kentucky. Sure, number books are
great fun, but sometimes the simplest books can inspire tired, worn down
nannies and parents too. So I set off on a playful mission to make sure my
nephew would have a fun book to read about Kentucky.
It became a therapeutic reprieve to find so many beautiful angles of this state that
I myself sometimes forget to see.
Partnering with Carrie Neumayer to create Mike and Terry, the little dinosaurs
that travel around, was like watching my wildest dreams come to life. With the
help of Kertis Creative, this book became a tangible piece of Kentucky that
children from all over can now hold in their hands. For these folks, I am forever
I hope If You Take Me to Kentucky inspires you like it has inspired me. The world
is our oyster, but I'm certain that Kentucky is the finest place one can start!"

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