Kevin Gibson discusses Oldest Louisville

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Saturday, November 18, 2023 - 4:00pm
2720 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

In this book, you'll not only read about some of Louisville's oldest existing institutions and the lives involved in them, but you'll also encounter a few unusual stories to help illustrate what life was like in Louisville long before the city we know today. You'll learn about the early days of the Kentucky Derby and about the first-ever bottled bourbon. You'll meet the family behind the city's oldest operating funeral service, hear the stories behind Louisville's oldest parks and cemeteries (and how sometimes they overlapped). You'll get the muddled history of the Old Fashioned cocktail, discover the story of a thrilling duel in a cemetery and learn about a dairyman who was the victim of a robbery gone bad. Ultimately, what Oldest Louisville aims to present is not only a bit of historical insight into Louisville's history and culture, but also entertaining stories to put that history into a measure of human context. 

About the author: Kevin Gibson has been a professional writer for more than three and a half decades, having written about restaurants, beer, bourbon, sports, night life, music, history and more, winning numerous awards and publishing multiple books along the way. Growing up in the Louisville area, he became fascinated with local history and culture, so he decided to incorporate it into his ongoing work. When he's not busy writing stories and books about Louisville, he's likely hanging out with his hound dog, Atticus, at the park, at one of the local (dog-friendly) watering holes or walking around the Clifton neighborhood.

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ISBN: 9781681064833
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Published: Reedy Press - October 15th, 2023

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We welcome back Kevin Gibson to discuss his latest book filled with rich Louisville history. Enjoy the walk through time