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“Easy, super-healthy, vet-approved recipes your dog will adore.” —Modern Dog magazine

Healthy food can enable dogs to live longer, healthier lives, just as it can for humans, and with these meals, treats, and cookies, dogs will never miss commercial kibble.

Rick Woodford, aka the Dog Food Dude, has researched nutrition for dogs and used the same manuals veterinarians use to develop his recipes. Feed Your Best Friend Better makes the transition to homemade dog food simple, so you can make natural pet food every day. From nutritional value to portion sizes, these recipes will help dog parents know what their dog is eating. The meals are healthy, and dogs love them—they’ll even make humans drool a little bit. Recipes use a variety of herbs and spices for their antioxidant properties and include:

* Puppy Pesto

* Bacon Yappetizers

* Barkscotti

* Mutt Loaf

* Gingerbread Mailman

In addition to eighty-five recipes, other helpful chapters include:

* How to Pick out a Commercial Food: making the ingredient label easy to understand with a breakdown of ingredients that are good for the bowl and those that are best left on the shelf

* Determining Portion Size; information on body type and size help readers understand how much food their dogs need to be in the best shape

* Problem Mealtime Behaviors; how to deal with the early morning wake up call, reluctant eaters, counter surfing and more

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ISBN-13: 9781524876371
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: April 10th, 2012