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An imaginative story about childhood play and one welcoming family to a furry creature who wanders in!

Winner of a Certificate of Excellence, Cat Writers’ Association (F.5 Book: For Children & Young Adults — Illustration-Focused)

"This sweet book by Jane Smith is all about the joys of play, imagination and animal friendship, as well as big emotions and situations like anger and getting along with siblings."
--Catster Magazine

"This is a sweet book about the joys of play, imagination, and animal friendship. It also touches on familiar social-emotional experiences, like getting angry, sharing, and getting along with siblings. . . A sweet story for cat lovers."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Young feline fanatics will purr with delight at Jane Smith's tale of a little girl with a big imagination and an all-in love for cats. . . Smith's use of present tense puts kids in the middle of the action, while her vivid and evocative illustrations clearly depict the characters' emotions. . . Both a captivating story and an engaging way to talk to kids about their emotions and family relationships, Miss Meow is a purr-fect read aloud for all kids."
--Celebrate Picture Books

With her cat ears on, Miss Meow is the only feline of the house. She prowls proudly around her domain--until she discovers someone destroyed her favorite toy mouse!

But if it wasn't her little brother, then who could it be?

Filled with imagination and make-believe, Miss Meow shows that you can find new friends in the unlikeliest of places--your own home.

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ISBN-13: 9781513289465
Publisher: West Margin Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021