Community Organization Wish Lists

Carmichael's Bookstore loves to partner with community organizations! 

The following is a list of organizations with wish lists you can help support.  

If you purchase an item off a wish list, Carmichael's will deliver your items to the organization.

Do you have an organization that we can include here?  Email



Click here for the Brown Cancer Center Little Library wish list and use code BCC for 20% off wish list items

The Resource Center at the UofL Brown Cancer Center provides services for cancer patients and their caregivers. 

The BCC Little Library is meant to provide diversion from the stress of being at the cancer center and also to encourage discussion amoung patients, caregivers and staff.


Click here for the Appalachian Prison Book Project wish list and use code APB for 20% off wish list items

The Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP) is an all-volunteer, grassroots nonprofit organization based in Morgantown, WV that sends free books and provides educational opportunities to people incarcerated in Appalachia. We serve a six state region—Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland—and since APBP was founded, we’ve mailed over 65,000 books, hosted book clubs with 100+ imprisoned people, and helped 30 incarcerated students earn college credit.

Click here for the Animal Care Society wish list and use code ACS for 20% off wish list items

Founded in 1984, Animal Care Society (ACS) offers second chances to Louisville’s dogs and cats. ACS speaks for the voiceless and provides better lives to the neglected, abused, senior pets, and pets with medical needs — leading by example in our ongoing work. Animal Care Society is a pillar in the community and remains steadfast in our mission to provide new, safe, and loving homes for animals in need.


Click here for La Casita Center's wish list and use code LCC for 20% off wish list items.

La Casita is a grassroots non-profit ​​located in Louisville, KY accompanying families in the Latinx community.  ​Their mission is to empower these families, providing a foundation for systemic change with long-term effects.


Click here for Change Today Change Tomorrow Bless the Block wish list and use code CTCT for 20% off wish list items.

Change Today, Change Tomorrow is a Black woman led non-profit organization in Louisville, KY. Through our main pillars of service, Food Justice, Community Engagement, and Public Health, we provide for the most marginalized communities in the city, because when you show up for the most marginalized, you show up for everyone. We protect, defend, and meet the needs of those who have been counted out. We are a force of disruptors and changemakers that believe in #communitypower.


Click here for Smoketown Family Wellness Center wish list. Use code SFW for 20% off wish list items.

The Smoketown Family Wellness Center (SFWC) builds a culture of health by providing clinical care to children in a pediatric clinic and community-based environment with a focus on healthy lifestyle behaviors for the entire family. SFWC will improve health outcomes by addressing the many factors that impact health in one setting. SFWC works with parents to support them with the knowledge and resources they need. The SFWC is an integrated healthcare model to support parents to raise children to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Opening in early 2018, the Center provides medical care for children and healthy lifestyle support for the whole family in a community-based setting.


Click here for The Louisville Youth Group wish list and use code LYG for 20% off wish list items.

Louisville Youth Group (LYG) is the primary nonprofit serving LGBTQIA+ youth in the Greater Louisville / Kentuckiana region. We provide a brave and affirming space for youth and young adults, ages 5-24, to explore their gender and sexuality, learn life and leadership skills, and to develop the tools needed to build community and act as agents of change. LYG accomplishes these goals through our weekly program groups, monthly community events, and annual leadership development opportunities, as well as our Trans Closet and Lending Library services.


Click here for The Louisville Nature Center wish list and use code LNC for 20% off wish list items

The Louisville Nature Centers mission is to be a catalyst for conservation through environmental education and connection to nature for every person. 

Our vision is a community where everyone is inspired to be stewards of the natural world.


Click here for The Food Literacy Project wish list and use code FLP for 20% off wish list items.

The Food Literacy Project strives to advance equity and increase belonging among traditionally excluded and marginalized populations. We address gaps in knowledge, experience, and access to empower young people, their families, and neighbors urgently in need of positive interaction with and regular access to healthful foods. Youth become change agents, promoting healthy foodways and environmental sustainability in their families, schools, and communities. We believe Food Justice is Social Justice. 


Click here for the Books for Babes wish list and use code BFBKY for 20% off wish list items.

Books for Babes is a local 501 c(3) that provides books and early learning materials to newborn babies and their caregivers at local hospitals.


Click here for the Backside wish list and use code BLC for 20% off wish list items.

The Backside Learning Center is an independent, non-profit organization building community and enriching the lives of equine workers and their families at Churchill Downs racetrack. 


Click here for Georgia's wish list and use code GSP for 20% off wish list items.

Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Company donates Infant, toddler, preschool, and elementary books that promote Love, Inclusion, Acceptance, Character Building, Resilience, & Diversity. 


Click here for the KRM wish list and use code KRM for 20% off wish list items.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries works to resettle refugees and welcome immigrants. Through KRM, you encourage hope, advocate for newcomers, and transform the lives of those seeking safety.


Click here for the Santa's Little Helpers wish list and use code SLH for 20% off wish list items.

Santa's Little Helpers, Inc. helps Jefferson County foster children build their self-esteem and confidence by providing care packages with basic living essentials and life skills coaching. 


Click here for The Center for Women and Families wish list and use code CWF for 20% off wish list items.

The Center for Women and Families helps victims of intimate partner abuse or sexual violence to become survivors through supportive services, community education, and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self-sufficiency, and rebuild lives.