Lost in Hanks Hollow: Hanks Hollow Series Book Three (Paperback)

Lost in Hanks Hollow: Hanks Hollow Series Book Three By Rachelle Kampen Cover Image
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The Hart werewolf pack is left reeling after tragedy strikes right in their backyard. As Sam sits vigil at the side of his injured sister, Rosie, he questions his role in the pack. He already feels he let his father down, now he has the weight of the pack on his shoulders. When the Hart pack struggles under the poor leadership of Amos Hart, Sam must rise above his guilt to try to be the leader his family needs.

Becca Miller has always had a crush on her best friend Rosie's older brother, Sam Hart. After a horrible accident leaves Rosie in a coma, Becca finds comfort with Sam. As they share their grief, sparks fly. But Sam is holding back. Is it because Becca is Rosie's friend, or is something else going on? As she gets closer to Sam, she finds there is more to Sam and Rosie's family than Becca ever realized, and it could put her life in danger.

Separated and lost...

Trapped in the confines of her own mind, Rosie tries desperately to return to her werewolf mate and love of her life, Lucas. But something is holding her back. The werewolf part of her craves the comfort of her pack while the witch part of her knows something big looms. Rosie must fight through her own demons and fully embrace her magic if she is to find her way home.

Meanwhile, Lucas Beckett's life is spiraling out of control. His mate and true love, Rosie, is in a coma, and he feels responsible. Lucas snubs his duties and loyalty to his pack, even with the promise of becoming alpha of the Beckett clan. Without Rosie, what's the point? Can he move past his grief to come to the rescue of his floundering family?

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ISBN: 9798986075228
Publisher: Rachelle Scalzo
Publication Date: July 29th, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English