Phoenix Rising: Birthing the Strong Delusion: Black and White Version (Paperback)

Phoenix Rising: Birthing the Strong Delusion: Black and White Version By Samuel Stephen Gault (Editor), Phyllis Kathleen Gault Cover Image
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Phyllis Kathleen Gault, B.S. M.A. is the author of Phoenix Rising: Birthing the Strong Delusion. Mrs. Gault states that all religions are merging with Christianity to form one universal church. She provides an overview of the major world religions, and she explains how both liberal and Charismatic Christians are merging Eastern mysticism and Western esotericism with Christianity. Mysticism is the tie that binds these mystery religions together.
Her book focuses on a far-right movement called the New Apostolic Reformation. These Gnostics are cloaking mysticism within Christian-sounding terms to convert Christians, unwitting, to their rising apostate religion. These false prophets call this the underground stream.

These pretenders of the faith are taking advantage of the rising global crises. These dominionists plan to deconstruct the United States Government to establish a fascist system controlled by their heretical prophets, and apostles, as they do not follow Bible-based Christianity. When they reach the apex of their plan, they will establish a theocracy, which is a political, economic, social, and religious system based on their heretical interpretation of Christianity. Revelation 12 calls this church Mystery Babylon.

Finally, these Gnostic Christians are networking with various groups to deconstruct the United States Government by increasing divisions among the people. They say this chaos will lead to a second Civil War. Then, this "revolution" will spread worldwide, leading to the bloodiest crusade ever.

About this Book:

Phyllis Kathleen Gault traveled to Spain, France, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic as part of her research. Her book is filled with photos from the places that she visited during her investigation. The interior photos in this version are black and white (greyscale). The book is 8.5 x 11 with 372 pages. It has 56 pages of references to support her work. The author's work traces the rise of pagan religions from the beginning of time and it reveals how Gnostics and other esotericists have infiltrated Christianity with these philosophical ideas.

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Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
Pages: 372
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