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AVE EVA is a life story where love plays a very important role. This novel is the first published by Costa Rican author Mariana Castillo. Women play a very important role in this story. Eva is considered a visible symbol between the constant struggle of feelings and marked moments that will prove her inner strength and her will. Life surprises us in different ways; it becomes whimsical and uncertain with our destiny.

This story's protagonist is a simple woman that, with the passage of time, becomes involved in a world different from the one she has been used to. She changes her image, her values. She is dazzled by words and material things that end up temporarily stealing that part of her being. However, and deep inside herself, she is still the same woman she has always been; simple, hopeful, with hope. A woman who has hit rock bottom, but her will and the support of the people who love her, pull her out of the darkness she faces.

Many people are part of this path. In this novel the protagonist searches for happiness and love. She believes that this is found in other people and faces circumstances that make her doubt whether she should continue living or whether it is better to end this life of pain. Eva manages to understand that both feelings are within ourselves and that only when we decide to move forward and put an end to what makes us wrong, we can move forward and make love, life and everything around us truly have a great value. What is a heart made of? How many times can one recover from pain.? There must be something else

We cannot expect only sex, passion, lust. Love is much more. Life is much more.

The word AVE exalts the name of the protagonist; it offers a greeting and pays homage to her. Mariana Castillo has decided that this woman has a before and after in this debate of feelings. A "why?"

Her life changes and it does so in such a way that love is also part of the pain. AVE EVA seeks to teach us that in life, many people appear and disappear to teach us to learn and unlearn through their deeds. No one passes through our history without having a true meaning.

Life is full of ups and downs. Love becomes part of this path from the romantic point of view to the sincerest capacity to love oneself and others in a selfless way.

AVE 1] EVA is undoubtedly a book that will make you passionate from the first moment, teaching you that life is simple, but according to our decisions, life becomes a mountain with trials that will make you strong or destroy you forever.

Mariana Castillo enjoys telling through this story real life events where women live romantic and clandestine experiences, struggle to survive, pain, abandonment, hope, desire, and many others that are part of the daily life of many real people. Eva is without doubt a woman in the fullest sense of the word. Love, betrayal, friendship, sensuality, life, and death intertwine in an attempt to confront her.

From the moment the reader finds the AVE EVA book, they will feel great interest in its cover. Mariana Castillo, author of this book, has taken care of all the details to make this novel an opportunity to identify feelings through images and words.

Eva's love for the men who pass through her life is genuine. She is a woman who wants to love and be loved. To give and receive love. To live. The image of Eva on the cover is intended to identify the place in which she is bodily enclosed. However, this representation is fictitious, since her real confinement is in her mind.

HAIL EVA This is the highest and only salute with which you can pay tribute to the character when you reach the end of the story.

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ISBN: 9798824150827
Publisher: Castle Editores
Publication Date: May 12th, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English