A Unified Field Theory that Works: Reality Is Made from Conscious Choices: Signs of Psyche and God (Quantum Mechanics #6) (Paperback)

A Unified Field Theory that Works: Reality Is Made from Conscious Choices: Signs of Psyche and God (Quantum Mechanics #6) By Mark My Words Cover Image
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A Unified Field Theory that Works

This book is the capstone for all of my scientific research.

In this book I do Unification of the Forces and provide a Unified Field Theory. In fact, I unify the forces and fields in dozens of different ways using simple classical physics in order to do so. I finish or complete science and physics. I think this is significant. In this book, I try to present a self-consistent worldview or paradigm that hopefully holds together and makes logical sense when I am done. Everything else that I have written has been building up to this one. My discovery of Tachyonic Physics (v > c) in June 2020 prepared me to recognize the Unified Field (F = ∞) when I finally saw it in December 2021. Truth builds upon Truth; and the Truth falsifies the deceptions and the lies. You can't have a Unified Field Theory without unifying the fields. In this book, I unify the forces and the fields.

A Unified Field Theory that Works: As (d = t = m = S = Q = 0) ⟹ (F = ∞)

As distance (d), time (t), mass (m), entropy (S), or heat (Q) goes to zero and ceases to exist, THEN the associated Force or Field goes infinite (F = ∞) or united (v = ∞).

The Grand Unified Field: (v = ∞) and (d = t = m = S = Q = 0)]

As the tardyonic aspects (v c), omnipresent (v = ∞), exergic (E = ∞ and S = 0), syntropic (F = ∞ and S = 0), mindful (F = ∞), psychic (v = ∞), omnipotent (E = ∞), united (v = ∞), superpowered (v > c), omniscient (T = ∞), and/or conserved (E = ∞). Notice that it TRANSFORMS from a closed system (0 = v >= c) that has some type of infinity (v = ∞) or unity (v = ∞) within its equation. Remember, this is how we physicists get a Unified (v = ∞) Field (v > c) from classical physics (0 c) or the united (v = ∞)

Conscious choice deliberately enforced is the surest sign of a psyche's existence. Each psyche, intelligence, or mind is uniquely identified by the choices that it has made and then deliberately enacted or enforced. Remember, a choice (v = ∞) is instantaneous (v = ∞); however, it can take a while to see the effects (v c) are the TRUE CAUSE (v = ∞) of each event (v c) is the same thing as conscious (v > c) choice (v = ∞) Space (E = ∞) or the vacuum (v = ∞) is the Unified (v = ∞) Field (v > c) that our scientists and physicists have been searching for. WE KNOW that the non-physical (v >= c) exists by the effect that it has on physical matter (v c) are the Conservation of Energy (v = ∞). Notice that Tachyons (v > c) are gluons (v > c), forces (v = ∞), or fields (v > c) These scientific truths have been there for all eternity waiting for somebody to discover them

Within this book, I will attempt to teach you a NEW and BETTER way to do Science (v Mark My Words.

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