Toddler Development: 2in1: Montessori and Toddler Discipline: A Practical Guide to Education To Communicate Effectively, Prevent Conflicts, (Paperback)

Toddler Development: 2in1: Montessori and Toddler Discipline: A Practical Guide to Education To Communicate Effectively, Prevent Conflicts, By Katrine Maria Amato Cover Image
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Book 1: Montessori Toddler Discipline

Do you want to learn how to manage toddler's behavior, to communicate effectively and prevent conflicts, while helping your child grow? If yes, then keep reading.

The Montessori method is a child-centric learning approach. It focuses on hands-on learning as well as activities that are directed by the children themselves. This method is based on the developmental stages of children; it's designed to nurture and support the interests and needs of children by giving them learning experiences that are appropriate to their current developmental stage.

Any Montessori classroom must be beautifully crafted to make it a suitable environment to meet the needs of children. As a teacher (or a parent), your role is to observe the children and guide them.

Another essential task of Montessori teachers is to present the activities in the classroom to their children. In doing this, the children learn how to perform the activities by themselves, and they have the freedom to choose which activities they want to do in the time they're given.

Although Montessori classrooms contain only Montessori materials, the great thing about this method is that you can also apply them in your own home. As a parent, you can come up with your materials and prepare a room in your own home to serve as your child's own personal "Montessori classroom.".

This book includes:

  • The history of Montessori
  • Principles and guidelines
  • A comparison with other systems of learning
  • Knowing how to talk so that your child listens to you
  • Over 100 activities for children aged zero to six
  • Dressing themselves, food preparation, and toilet training
  • How to grow and be a more effective parent

...And much more

Now, let's learn more about the Montessori method and how it began.

Book 2: Toddler Discipline

Are you looking for a practical educational approach to prevent toddler conflicts, raise positive child, eliminate tantrums, overcome challenges, and help your kids to grown and live a happier life? If yes, then keep reading.

Toddler discipline is not easy, especially if your little one is causing problems.

Toddlers tend to be harder to handle, as they haven't yet been trained in all the things that older children have learned. If you want to discipline your toddler properly, set rules, and enforce them lovingly. If you want your toddler to learn, there has to be specific guidelines or boundaries that the little one has to follow.

Teach them by example. Rather than punishing your child for doing the wrong thing, show them how to do the right thing. And if you want your child to learn, you will need to teach him or her how to do the right thing on their own, but also how to learn whether something is wrong or right.

Be flexible with the rules. Know when to punish and when to let things slide. If you are continually punishing your child, it will be hard for them to feel love.

If you encourage the right behavior, this will be positive reinforcement that will help your child to learn. You can also discourage bad behavior by using discipline, but it is more effective if you use encouragement and positive reinforcement.

This book includes:

  • Effective communication and toddler discipline
  • Common mistakes and myths
  • Discipline vs. Punishment
  • Stop feeling anxious and guilty about your parenting skills
  • Toddler discipline techniques
  • Limits and rules

...And much more

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