Disrupting Adventism: The Conference, Independent Ministries, and Offshoots (Paperback)

Disrupting Adventism: The Conference, Independent Ministries, and Offshoots By Anonymous Cover Image
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This is THE BOOK the SDA offshoots do not want you to read Biblical and loaded with quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy.

For too long there was a dark secret in Adventism, but few liked to talk about it. Some of it seemed so dark and ugly, that it was swept under the rug. Even Ellen White discussed it in her letters. After fifteen years as a first-generation Seventh-day Adventist, I learned all about the "offshoots" as I was taken into their world. Talk of Jesuits and the Conference leaders as the enemies replaced talk of Satan - the real enemy. An us-versus-them dynamic took over, and strange conspiracies emerged.Few books have talked about the issue with offshoots. This has left church members perplexed when offshoots emerged.

I had first heard of offshoots after being a baptized first-generation Seventh-day Adventist for over ten years. Once it happened, everything moved quickly. From hearing about a historic Seventh-day Adventist church popping up only a couple of miles from a conference church to being given literature from conspiracy-theorist and ex-conference pastor Bill Hughes (The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked), things began to become strange. I began to read and study both the Bible and the books of Ellen White to make sense of what I was being presented with. I interviewed pastors and talked with the leaders of offshoot churches, from End-Times-Prophecy.org to the pastor of a local offshoot, and began to put the pieces together. I realized that something was not right.

After delving into the numerous websites of various offshoot ministries--many of which looked and sounded extreme--I started to realize that these movements were not of God. I wondered what the point of all this madness was. Was it to gain power, get rich, or to truly feel closer to the Lord? I realized that no two offshoots are the same, and only God Himself can judge the heart. Yet, looking at the various conspiracy theories that were rife in some offshoots, such as the Jesuit infiltration and mind control that conference SDA pastors were said to use, I knew that I was dealing with some strange ideas.

Sadly, members of my own family had been duped into believing it, and for them, there was no turning back. I watched, in horror, as family grew depressed and militant. Stress replaced the joy of the Lord, and nothing that could be said would change their view on their new offshoot church. The local conference church was said to be deep in apostasy, numbered with Babylon. Could this be true? Why the animosity towards the church? This book explores what you need to look for in various offshoot ministries.

-What are the commonalities between offshoots and the conference SDA churches?-What do the offshoots believe?
-Is the Seventh-day Adventist church really numbered with Babylon?
-Is there a Jesuit infiltration in the Seventh-day Adventist church.
-Who is Bill Hughes of Truth Triumphant Ministries?
-Are books such as The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked truth?
-Does conspiracy belong in the church and why do the offshoots rely heavily on it?
-Have Seventh-day Adventist hymnals been corrupted?
-Are modern Bible translations valid for study?
-How do cult leaders gain power, and what should you look for?
-Is the Catholic church responsible for the destruction of the Titanic, the Vietnam War, September 11th terrorist attacks, and the rise of Islam?
-How can you escape the grasp of an offshoot ministry?

The goal of this book is to help you discern between truth and error. If you have friends and family that are entangled in the countless offshoot and independent ministries that exist, this book is for you. If you are a pastor dealing with offshoots, this book will help you formulate Biblical responses to the validity of many of these organizations. Knowledge is power. We are responsible for the truths we accept.

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