Neo wave necklace - Crimson aurora (bead I): The dawn of the NeoZoic Era (Paperback)

Neo wave necklace - Crimson aurora (bead I): The dawn of the NeoZoic Era By Antonio Silvestro Cover Image
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Crimson aurora would be the first drop of an evolutive fluid testament that the author is going to share with the relative Universe. After a brief introduction to Animism and Shamanism during which you will find the 'Visual Entheogenic Resonance', the psychodelic sight wave, visible without using any drug, 'The invisible signature of the tobacco spirit as message delivery', a revolutionary telecommunication system protocol, and the prophetization of the revelations emerged via a multi-disciplinary assesement of the >= 500 years old Aztec 'Sun Stone' glyphs almanac, showing them in an interactive paper-based "videogame" way (Nahuii - 'Aztec divination game of the evolution'), the essence of the virgin Xochiquetzal and the discovery of the 'Tr-J Tezcalipoca Black Hole' (TBH), which name has been coined in honour of the Aztec God protectors of the Mammalia, the 'Smoking Mirror'. Interpretation of the calendar round let bloom also the'Archosauria emersive transition' written in the Celestial Sphere: acquatic carnivorous PlacoDontoidae super-family into terrestrial herbivorous Zanclodon laevis (Ladinian - Carnian age), a serendipity conjecture about the American continent discovery, previously than Cristoforo Colombo and biological identifications of theological and mythological entities via syncretisms (Neo-ID), like Noah, Naamah and their three children (Shem, Ham and Josphet).Among the ongoing projects of the divulgator, the Homo atm (Greek: atmos 'vapour', Sanskrit: ātman 'essence, breath'), the direct ascendant of the non-winged human Homo sapiens, conqueror of the nebulae guided by the spiritual life principle of the Universe, with a singular 'temporal fenetre', the left, the first that will born, a female.

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ISBN: 9798655873896
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 21st, 2020
Pages: 82
Language: English