Bombshell in the Barrio: How educators exploded a "cheating scandal" and defeated the FBI, DOJ, the Texas Education Agency and El Paso's oligar (Paperback)

Bombshell in the Barrio: How educators exploded a
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Telling the true story of five educators who found themselves wrongly accused by the FBI, the Texas Education Agency and local government, Bombshell in the Barrio shares their navigation through a world of plots, schemes, and lies, all concocted by those in power who are supposed to protect and represent the interests of the people. The educators, who all worked in low socioeconomic schools, found themselves boxed in by the media and the government, and their voices were squelched. After years of suffering lost jobs, dashed reputations and drained bank accounts, these individuals and their attorneys slowly began to dismantle the case against them. They revealed the acts of a corrupt AUSA prosecutor, uncovered a local land grab scheme, discovered connections among the oligarchical elite of El Paso and exposed the corruption and ineptitude of the local media-all of whom were guilty of the charges they themselves faced: denying students of a proper education. The book provides plenty of documentation for those who doubt. After reading this, you will question every charter school and gentrification plan in your area. In a country that is so divided by left and right, this book makes us contemplate a new question: is it them (the oligarchs) against us (the people)? These five educators should not have won against the goliath of the government, but they did.

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ISBN: 9798654016867
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 15th, 2020
Pages: 244
Language: English