Diabolus In Sacris Scripturis: Ancient Serpent Tale (Paperback)

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By Lcf Ns
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This book is a kind of unique satanic bible according to the Blasphemous Spirit.
It is a denial of the Judeo-Christian religion based on its own ancient writings.
The book is divided into three parts: The beginning of tyranny and enslavement by a Bronze Age deity in the Satan-Ancient Serpent narrative, the satanic Anti-Evangelion where the true savior is the Antichrist, and a delirious Luciferian response to the book of Revelation. The philosophy contained in this book, which is a reversal of the anti-human teachings of Christianity, frees one from fear and gives true freedom. It is a theological Satanism that is a direct, pure negation of the Judeo-Christian religion.
All three parts are titled respectively:
Genesis Secundum Serpentem; Pseudoevangelium Secundum Luciferi with an Appendix - Letter to the Undead
and Pseudoapocalypsis

An expanded version of this book is also available titled: "Biblia Satanae". This version is expanded to include additional satanic writings and is a complete, satanic, real anti-bible.

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ISBN: 9798481056982
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 20th, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English