Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure (Paperback)

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Play beautiful ukulele music with only one hand and dive into this ocean adventure

By using standard and alternate tuning, you can turn your ukulele into a whole new instrument that makes different sounds. You can play on open strings and make music that will surprise you

Susan began writing music for one hand when she was going through carpal tunnel syndrome on her fretting hand. She knew there had to be a way to still play her ukulele. She then discovered how to improvise and create beautiful melodies. Susan also paired these with her acrylic paintings.

As part of the Ukulele Expressions series, Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure has ten new musical pieces with an ocean theme. Susan added paintings of ocean creatures and scenes that are vibrant and will have you imagining you are right there, watching the waves roll in. Susan also included information about mindfulness and ocean conservation.

In Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure, You Will Discover:

  • Musical pieces in standard and alternate tuning
    • GCEA (Standard Tuning)
    • F#BD#G# (B6 Tuning)
    • FCFG# (Open F Minor Tuning)
  • Ocean-Themed Paintings: You will be taken right to the ocean when you see these beautiful paintings.
  • TAB and Standard Notation: Both are included to accommodate a variety of players.
  • Play with one hand only: You will not need to do any fretting Use only one hand to play the music.
  • Use a capo: Some pieces also incorporate a capo to achieve a different pitch.

Dive into this ocean adventure, the water is waiting for you

Notes on the 2nd Edition from the Author
  • Revised each musical piece
  • Eliminated Open A Minor Tuning
  • Added more Standard Tuning pieces
  • Revised Introduction for clarity
  • Added visuals of the alternate tunings

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ISBN: 9798375365282
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 58
Language: English