TV Stars: The Originals: Volume 3 (MP3 CD)

TV Stars: The Originals: Volume 3 By Andrew Goldman, Andrew Goldman (Interviewer), Andrew Goldman (Read by) Cover Image
By Andrew Goldman, Andrew Goldman (Interviewer), Andrew Goldman (Read by)
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TV Stars / The Originals: Volume 3

Fran Drescher, iconic star and co-creator of The Nanny, shares her candid thoughts about the fall of Les Moonves, a surprising critique of her NBC show Indebted--and explains what she sees wrong with American "sick care."

Think you know Joan Collins? If your knowledge begins and ends with her run as Alexis Carrington on Dynasty in the Eighties, darling, you would be so very wrong.

Emmy-winning actor, producer, and director Danny DeVito gets behind The Originals bar and serves up drink recipes, quarantine-friendly lymph system workouts, tips for not murdering co-star Jim Carrey, and more.

Michael J. Fox brings his special brand of optimism to the show. Topics: his book No Time Like the Future; why Coors light, and not Parkinson's, threatened his marriage; and how sick to death he is of hearing the words, "be careful."

Connie Chung brings a Gatorade cooler full of tea to spill on and about, among others, scene partner Hugh Grant, former TV pal David Letterman, as well as Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.

A top-to-bottom reassessment of 1986 classic Pretty In Pink with Duckie himself, Jon Cryer. Why did Molly Ringwald end up with Blane, "a major appliance" when he was obviously such a dud? Why were co-stars Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy so lame on set to the Duck-ster?

A rollicking special Pride episode with the late Emmy winner Leslie Jordan (1955-2022). Those who only knew him from his delightful social media presence will find a lot to love here--and guaranteed, you didn't know a fraction of his story.

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ISBN: 9798212645317
Publisher: Andrew Goldman
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Language: English