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-A breathtakingly illustrated cartographic history of India's capital-The first text of its kind to focus on Delhi-Provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of mapping in Delhi, from the nineteenth century all the way up to the near-distant future: the 'master-plan' of 2021As the first ever organized collection of Delhi's maps, containing a chronology of magnificent ancient and modern hand-drawings as well as digital maps of the city, this book is as visually stunning as it is informative. Dr Guerrieri describes each map as an individual entity. She gives the maps unique and detailed focus, elaborating on their idiosyncrasies, aesthetic details, and rich historical relevance. The evolution of planning and architecture, which elegantly unfolds through the maps, mirrors the political, social, and historical progression of the capital. Maps of Delhi is both beautiful and stimulating, while also offering deeply insightful commentary that will be appreciated by the most discerning of scholars. It is an indisputable milestone for those wanting to research the capital. The book reveals, as A.G. Krishna Menon notes in the foreword, the charm of printed maps and the many pleasures and insights they offer when they are physically handled. It is a remarkable tribute to a remarkable city.

About the Author

Pilar Maria Guerrieri holds a PhD in Architectural Design, Architectural Composition, Criticism and Theory from Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Delhi, and Westminster University, London. She has conducted extensive research into European and Indian cultures, the development of megacities, and the effects of cultural exchanges, with primary focus on Delhi, pre- and post-Independence. She is currently developing a research project on European legacies in Delhi from 1991 until present day. Guerrieri is the Associate Professor of History of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano branch of a renowned Indian university, and is also the Commissioning Editor for the Indian branch of the international art publishing house, Skira. She has published in numerous international journals and participated in various national and international conferences. This is her first book. A.G. Krishna Menon is an architect, urban planner, and conservation consultant, who has been practising in Delhi for over 40 years. He is actively engaged in research and a well-known name in urban conservation. In 2004, he drafted the INTACH Charter for the Conservation of Unprotected Architectural Heritage and Sites in India. He is currently the Convener of the Delhi chapter of INTACH.

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