Magical Kitchen: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (Hardcover)

Magical Kitchen: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook By K. T. Crownhill Cover Image
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Urgent news for all Wizards As the "Daily Prophet" reports:

The Faculty of Enchanted Cookery is pleased to release one of its most prized manuscripts - the long lost "Magical Kitchen" cookbook.

Its last known copy was considered lost many centuries ago, when an invisibility spell was cast on the renown Royal Library of Witchcraft. The curse was so strong nobody could find the hidden castle - as if it never existed.

To our delight, the famous potion-brewer Professor K.T. Crownhill discovered a concealed portal leading to the entrance. Thanks to her remarkable discovery, a marvelous collection of magical recipes kept hidden and buried for over 400 years is finally brought to light.

From classics such as Butterbrew (known today as butterbeer) and Pumpkin Pasties, to powerful potions such as Amortentia and Liquid Luck - all are revealed in this remastered volume for all young Wizards to enjoy.

With 42 beautifully illustrated recipes, arranged in order of a degree of skill, you can indulge in spellbindingly scrumptious meals inspired by our beloved Harry Potter series.

Dust off your magic wand and get your hands on the "Magical Kitchen" today

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ISBN: 9788395167904
ISBN-10: 8395167903
Publisher: Art of Wizardry
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English