Cast Iron Cooking (Spiral)

Cast Iron Cooking By Wendy Pirk, Ashley Billey Cover Image
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For centuries, cast iron cookware was the most common type of cookware in the world. Long before ovens were invented, heavy 3-legged cast iron cauldrons, utensils, kettles, and all shapes of pots hung over fires inside at hearths or outside over campfires. As other less expensive and lighter forms of cookware became more widely available, cast iron pots and pans dropped in popularity. Today they are making a comeback and retaking their rightful place in kitchens around the globe. Cast iron is renowned for its ability to retain heat and for its durability. When properly cared for, cast iron cookware can be the kitchen workhorse for generations, turning out mouthwatering steaks, sizzling fajitas, beautifully browned cornbread and so much more. But cooking with cast iron is a little different than cooking with stainless steel or aluminum pots and pans. In this book, we have chosen some of our favourite meals to cook in cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. We have also provided detailed information on how to properly care for your cast iron cookware. This collection of soon-to-be favourite recipes, with helpful tips scattered throughout, will surely become your go-to resource for all things cast iron.

About the Author

Ashley Billey is a certified Red Seal Chef and an award-winning food stylist. For over 15 years she has been assising in the creation more than 100 successful cookbooks. She draws inspiration from travelling the world discovering and tasting new food. She loves sharing food with family and friends, knowing that good company is as important as good food.

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ISBN: 9781990534003
ISBN-10: 1990534007
Publisher: Practical Gourmet
Publication Date: May 15th, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English