Bible Trivia Quizzes For All Ages: Know the Scripture (Paperback)

Bible Trivia Quizzes For All Ages: Know the Scripture By Francois Kara Akoa-Mongo Dr Cover Image
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Our congregational Church of Machiasport has in our Worship Service attendance each Sunday and regularly two little girls from a Ghanaian family. Everyone who attends our church would tell you how precious they are. They are loved and have made a big difference in our spiritual lives. Their participation in worship services and devotion to the Lord and their deep retention of the Scripture are amazing. Few weeks ago, I begun assigning them some Bible Trivia questions to them. One week later, when tested on their biblical knowledge acquisition, they amazed everybody. Some adults within the congregation have told me that some of the questions they answer right would have been difficult for them. These adult members keep telling me that they learn a lot from what we do together during children's devotional hour. In order to kill two birds with one stone, I am presenting to both adults and young people a selection of some biblical Trivia Quizzes in form of a book. I am going to give a copy to each member of my congregation. I also believe that the need for books of this kind, either is big or small congregations is highly in demand now that we should bring back the Church at home and our modern world is using many games to stimulate people's mind. You may say, Fran ois, there are many such books now on the market, but this publication is unique because it is made by me, is it destined to our church members, and it has a story members of this church are a part. During our future hour of worship service, we will incorporate in our Sunday's Program some of these quizzes as another mean to bring people closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Please, use this book in your congregation too.

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