The Tourist Magnet Formula: Transform your Hotel or Resort into a fully-booked tourist attraction using modern, practical Digital Marketing tools (Paperback)

The Tourist Magnet Formula: Transform your Hotel or Resort into a fully-booked tourist attraction using modern, practical Digital Marketing tools By Andrei Tiu Cover Image
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The Tourist Magnet Formula The most up-to-date modern book on Digital Marketing for the Hotel & Travel IndustryLearn how to turn your Hotel Business into a highly popular international Tourist Attraction by creating a strong, recognizable Brand and reaching the right customers through the right communications channel, with the right message. The following pages contain the modern secrets and strategies to help you win this game, written in an accessible language so you can implement them and reap the benefits straight away. About the book An urgent and essential book that will significantly improve your Tourism Business and empower you to take the lead in transforming your Digital Communications Strategy."The Tourist Magnet Formula" brings together the top Digital Marketing Tools and Tactics used for building a strong Branding and Digital Strategy into a synthesised, practical guide aimed at helping independent Hotel and Resort owners take their business at the next level and win in the Digital Age. It contains applicable advice and carries the reader through the journey of creating a bespoke Hotel Marketing plan, while understanding the principles of modern Digital Marketing strategy and applying them according to their specific needs. Who is this book for?This book is aimed at helping industry professionals both with and without a formal education or experience in Digital Marketing create and implement a Digital Strategy for their Hotel or Resort. Applied, the tools and tactics presented have the power to significantly contribute towards lead generation, an increased number of direct bookings, stronger brand identity and increase in the average lifetime customer value - ultimately reflecting in higher profits and a thriving modern business.How will reading the book transform your business?By the end of reading this book, you will learn how to design your Hotel Brand Strategy in order to attract the exact type of customers you need, as well as create a Marketing Strategy achieving specific and relevant objectives along the way. It also shows how to enhance your Hotel's Online Reputation and implement a sustainable Positive Reviews System, to support a healthy brand image and enhance your potential customers' trust.The book also analyses the individual Marketing channels, such as: -Website Marketing -Social Media Strategy & Marketing-Email Marketing-Influencer Marketing-PPC & Google Adwords-Affiliate Marketing-Travel Booking Websites-Digital Marketing Automation-Public Relations -Strategic PartnershipsAll these are specifically tailored around the Travel industry, taking the reader through a condensed, practical set of tool applications and showcasing how all these channels can be integrated in order to generate great results. How was the book created? The book is the result of a 3-year process of interviewing industry professionals and applying Top-Industry Digital and Strategic Marketing tactics in both Start-up and Corporate scenarios, evaluating and synthesizing the essential, practical insight into an easy-to-understand, applicable and modern guide. It's the first time when such a product is available in this format and at such a low price: Scroll up, make the book yours and take the lead on your way to success.

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ISBN: 9781983030369
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 31st, 2018
Pages: 102
Language: English