Syntropy: The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (Quantum Mechanics #3) (Paperback)

Syntropy: The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (Quantum Mechanics #3) By Mark My Words Cover Image
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Get some Syntropy today. You have nothing better going on in your life.Syntropy or the Perpetual Motion Cycle is Hard Science that the materialists, naturalists, nihilists, and atheists will never discover, because these people have already rejected it and concluded that it does not exist. That's the power of blind faith and pre-chosen beliefs - they can prevent you from making new and interesting discoveries in science and religion. You have never heard of Syntropy nor the Perpetual Motion Cycle because the materialists and naturalists have already concluded that it doesn't exist.Remember, you can't make scientific discoveries by denying their existence.Syntropy is the answer to life, the universe, and everything; and, our scientists don't even know it because they have already rejected it and concluded that it doesn't exist. Nevertheless, it has been observed that psyche, or intelligence, or knowledge can reverse entropy or eliminate entropy at will. I discuss this Science within this book and many other books that I have written.Many modern-day scientists and philosophers of science are starting to say that it's time for a paradigm shift in Science. I'm here to tell people what that new paradigm should look like and be like. The new paradigm in Science should identify and eliminate the things within "science" that are false, while at the same time pointing us to the things that are obviously true.The second law of thermodynamics is obviously false. The second law predicts that we shouldn't exist. The fact that you exist and are reading this right now is scientific proof that the second law of thermodynamics is false. It's time for scientists like me to search for and find a better and more truthful replacement for the falsified second law of thermodynamics. I attempt to do so within this book.In this book, I state and summarize my case. I discuss the changes that Science and Philosophy need to make in order to match with reality and the observational evidence that the human race has experienced as a whole.We each have a purpose for being on this planet. My mission or calling is to fix Science and to complete Philosophy by bringing Quantum Mechanics, Psyche, and Syntropy into the mix. I have done so within my books. Quantum Mechanics is Syntropy. Psyche is Syntropy. Invisible non-physical forces and fields are Syntropy. The Perpetual Motion Cycle is syntropic and conserved. Syntropy is eternal and everlasting, without a beginning of days or an end of years. Physical matter is based upon mass or entropy and accumulates entropy or heat. Physical matter had a beginning. Everything else is Syntropy. Quantum Mechanics is Supernatural Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is Non-Local Spiritual Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is Transdimensional Physics. Quantum Mechanics is Action at a Distance. Quantum Mechanics is Syntropy.Some type of Syntropy must exist or all of that subsequent entropy wouldn't have been possible. Syntropy is the opposite of entropy; and, a massive initial infusion of Order or Syntropy was necessary to make entropy and physical matter possible. Simple. Logical. Parsimonious. True. There's the truth, and then there's everything else.I introduce the Ultimate Law of Thermodynamics and the Quantum Law of Thermodynamics within this book. I identify Psyche and introduce the Law of Psyche. The goal here is to produce a Model of Reality that matches with and explains the observations and experiences of the human race as a whole. We are going to have to rethink Science if we are going to make it match with what has been experienced and observed by Out-of-Body Travelers.My ultimate goal is to expose and eliminate the false and the falsified, thereby setting people free to find and know the truth.

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ISBN: 9781980657903
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 8th, 2019
Pages: 820
Language: English
Series: Quantum Mechanics