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George Fox's autobiography is an insightful account of a committed Christian who disagrees with the prevailing orthodoxy of his time. In the face of oppressive persecution, Fox founded the Society of Friends; the Quaker movement.
Writing in the late 17th century, Fox describes his early years and the process by which he came to view God and the practice of Christianity. Aware that his mind diverged from any existing, established order of the faith, Fox describes how the Puritan movement alienated his spiritual opinions to the point where he made an open and conscious rebellion.
Beginning life as a shoemaker, George's quiet diligence made him a respected young man in his community. Yet by his late teens, Fox determined that he should lead a religious life. He rejected conventional religious education - in his reasoning, many of the Bible's figures were but shepherds and farmers, and did not need to attend years of college in order to become authentically close to God.
Much of this autobiography accounts for the successive periods of incarceration endured by George Fox. Hounded relentlessly by the authorities, Fox's innovative methods of preaching in public nevertheless attracted crowds, and many respected his words and heart in the face of adversity. His growing flock at first called themselves "Friends of the Truth", but this was later shortened to simply "Friends."
Despite being confined in jail multiple times, Fox's influence steadily grew. He met and enjoyed good conversation with Oliver Cromwell, who respected his honesty and pureness of faith. However, the restoration of England's monarchy would see his persecution resume, and for a time Fox fell into serious illness. Upon recovering however, he began to travel widely around Europe and North America, while also undertaking a managerial role in the burgeoning Quaker organization.
This edition of Fox's memoir contains the introduction and notes by the author, religious scholar and prominent Quaker Rufus M. Jones.

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