Contradictions in the Bible Authenticated: The Book Of Genesis 1-11 (Paperback)

Contradictions in the Bible Authenticated: The Book Of Genesis 1-11 By Gabriel Baicu Cover Image
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This is an extraordinary book which revolutionises the way of understanding Christianity and religion in general. It brings original viewpoints but in the same time considers all established issues in its area of investigation. It is the most complex and complete analyse of the logical consequences of the biblical narratives of the book of Genesis ever undertaken. The book contains over 300 scientific references and many theological quotations together with very acute philosophical observations. This book is a revelation of what the foundations of monotheistic religions are. Reading this book, the vision on religion of everyone who traverses its pages will not be the same as before. The book is able to move even the most rooted convictions and orient the readers toward a better evaluation of science and human progress. The book is a new step toward the understanding of our everyday reality and an important contribution to the demythologisation of our relations with the world. It doesn't exclude spirituality but it tries to explain it in a realistic range of possibilities. The book can be useful for anyone who wants to approach religion or who endeavours to know better our world. It offers in one single place the analyses which take thousands of pages to explain some of its topics. This book represents an unparalleled occasion for deep meditation about the most essential problems which preoccupy any human mind.

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