Course Correction: Updated Edition (Paperback)

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The year is 2085, and a fleet of interstellar ships hurtles toward a solar system that is hoped will offer a new home for humanity. Setting up a wormhole gate on one of Epsilon Eridani's planets would provide an escape for the billions left on an overpopulated and resource-poor Earth.

The fleet receives what is assumed to be its last communication from the United Nations Stellar Commission. The brief message reads, "You're on your own," which the fleet takes to mean that they just passed out of Earth's communication range.

But they are wrong. Back home, a disaster unparalleled in Earth's history now threatens humanity's very survival. The population is in free fall, governments have collapsed, and an overwhelming sense of apathy grips the planet. Unless the situation improves-and soon-the wormhole gate will open to an Earth without humans.

Humanity's hopes are now fully in the hands of the ninety thousand star-flung individuals heading through deep space on fragile ships-while back on Earth, a powerful force awakens.

Humanity has leaped into the stars, but will this be our future-or a last desperate act before extinction?

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ISBN: 9781954819436
ISBN-10: 1954819439
Publisher: Briley & Baxter Publications
Publication Date: June 28th, 2022
Pages: 274
Language: English