Burning Through the West Coast (Paperback)

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Take a trip back in time (before political correctness ruined everything) with three guys from New York on a West Coast adventure in the summer of 1978.

Join author Paul (Disco) DiSclafani, his cousin Sal (The Catman) and their friend Bruce (Mr. B) as he transports you back to those carefree days in the late '70's, recalling a zany but true trip as they burned their way through Southern California and Arizona.

  • Stand next to them on the line as they use their New York attitudes to resolve car rental SNAFU's, lost luggage, and useless hotel room vouchers.
  • Be part of The Tonight Show audience as Johnny burns them on National TV.
  • Spend a couple of foggy days in Arizona for a visit with their crazy friends, Felix and Kozshekka, as a flood of biblical proportions strands them across the street from the airport.
  • Travel down Arizona's Salt River with our inebriated heroes as they hold on for dear life when their lazy float turns into a white-water disaster.
  • Experience the miracle of finding a bag of weed when they arrive in LA
  • Participate along with them in the "Pause that refreshes" every time they hear a Bruce Springsteen song

Burning Through the West Coast is a lighthearted romp, with original photographs from the trip and chapter illustrations by John Colquhoun, which will make you smile every time you turn the page. 6,000 Miles, 576 Beers, 4 states, 3 Guys from the East Coast, and a bag of weed.

What could possibly go wrong?

What people who have never read the book are saying:

  • "Great, another book trying to imitate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..." - Hunter S. Thompson
  • "To be honest, I don't remember these guys at all..." - Johnny Carson
  • "They stole ice from me, those bastards " - Burt "Slim" Perkins, owner of the Vagabond Motel
  • "I never did get a Christmas Card from those guys." - Joanne Kowalski, Travel Agent

What people who know Paul DiSclafani are saying:

  • "My son and my nephew would never do any of those things I bet it was that Bruce who tricked them into doing all those bad things. I knew he was a bad seed from the first day I met him." - Carmela DiSclafani, Paul's mother
  • "My son? Your son was no angel, you know..." - Muriel Oeher, Bruce's mother
  • "I've been wondering what happened to that steak for 42 years." - Paul's Aunt Jean (Sal's mother)
  • "This book has been a real lifesaver. Without sports to watch during this COVID-19 pandemic, the writing of this book has kept my husband occupied and out of my hair. Best. Babysitter. Ever." - Barbara DiSclafani, Paul's wife
  • "Two hundred pages and he mentions me in only two sentences..." - Tony DiSclafani, Paul's brother

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ISBN: 9781952859533
ISBN-10: 1952859530
Publisher: Red Penguin Books
Publication Date: October 28th, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English