When Hell Freezes Over (Paperback)

When Hell Freezes Over By Erin Bedford, May Sage Cover Image
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Angels good. Demons bad. Things are supposed to be this simple. If only.

In the midst of an ageless war between the more powerful creatures in the world, Roth should see Lily as a weapon he must hone. If she's to accomplish his destiny, she'll have to be placed in harm's way. But every time they touch, their chemistry drives him mad. Love or victory. They can't possibly have both.

In the clutches of the all-powerful ruler of Heaven, Raven has a choice: letting Ash risk his life for hers, or suffering the consequence of her betrayal.

Everyone has lied to Lily, hiding her legacy, her duty. She's the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, the rightful heir of Hell, born thousands of years ago. But she also happens to be a twenty-something-year-old with barely enough training to keep herself alive, let alone rule anything.

With her family in dire danger, she has to do whatever it takes to survive-and to protect Hell from Heaven's wrath. Even if that means taking the Wicked Crown.

When Hell Freezes over is the second book in the paranormal romance Wicked Crown trilogy.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951958565
ISBN-10: 195195856X
Publisher: Erin Bedford
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English