The Bible & Ancient Science: Principles of Interpretation (Paperback)

The Bible & Ancient Science: Principles of Interpretation By Denis O. Lamoureux Cover Image
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Is the Bible a book of science?Over half of Americans believe science and religion are in conflict.

Theologian and scientist Denis O. Lamoureux suggests that a common assumption of biblical interpretation fuels this struggle. Many Christians think Scripture is supposed to align with science in some sort of way. This idea is known as "scientific concordism" (or simply "concordism"). But Lamoureux demonstrates that the Bible has an ancient science. During the inspiration of Scripture, the Holy Spirit came down to the level of the biblical writers and allowed them to use the science-of-the-day as a vessel for delivering life-changing, inerrant spiritual truths. Dr. Lamoureux explains how moving beyond concordism leads to a peaceful and God-honoring relationship between modern science and our Christian faith.

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ISBN: 9781951252052
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Publication Date: August 25th, 2020
Pages: 218
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