A Slice of Madness (Paperback)

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Leave the mundane behind. Come explore worlds where time and space bend you to their will, where madness beckons, and reality is merely a suggestion. Journey through realms that make you question your beliefs while testing your grip on sanity. "A Slice of Madness" includes: Nymph: Can one man overcome his inner demons in time to save the one he loves from certain death? Driftwood: Its secrets can save us all...but are any worthy of its gifts? The Destiny Equation: What happens when you know your future but you're helpless to change it? There is No Tomorrow: Time travel is possible. But what really happens when you change the past? Runalli-4: After meeting a mysterious woman, Robert's life is changed forever. Join him as he quests through space and time seeking answers to the questions that haunt him... Were...What?: A werewolf story with a twist. One Thousand Steps: Enslaved by addiction, imprisoned in Hell's Tower, prisoner 250465 is a blight on humanity's hope. Can he find redemption from the evil he's wrought? Is he the answer to a greater evil lurking in the shadows of humanity's future? Or is he just another wasted soul marching toward oblivion? Champion: A warrior without memory or name, forced to fight to the death in the arena, killing for the pleasure of his captors, fights to discover his past and regain his future. Haunted: Captured, tortured, and brain-washed by demons, Alex committed a heinous crime long ago. After wandering for years between the worlds, his time of reckoning is coming. Can he reclaim his soul and find peace at last? A Slice of Madness: Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories that Twist Your Grip on Reality by Roland Byrd.

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ISBN: 9781940324104
ISBN-10: 1940324106
Publisher: Cyl Publications
Publication Date: September 1st, 2015
Pages: 218
Language: English