The New ADHD Medication Rules: Brain Science & Common Sense (Paperback)

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New ADHD Medication Rules deals with the over-medication, missed diagnoses and imbalanced medical treatments used today in the treatment of ADHD. Dr. Parker shows where and how these imbalances occur, provides the data and explanations for why treatment is often incorrect, and then simplifies and explains insightful methods for dealing with ADHD medications, both for medical practioners and parents of kids and adults with ADHD.

Rules is based upon the latest brain science, and includes a variety of associated treatment topics that address the real complexity of ADHD medical management.

The variables that effect medication effectiveness range from sleep, to breakfast, to biomedical interferences that can dramatically change the way medications burn in the body. Without Rules the possibility of missing potentially dangerous drug interactions and associated diagnostic challenges, such as depression and anxiety, adds to the greater possibility of treatment failure.

About the Author

As a neuroscience consultant, child and adult psychiatrist with more than forty-three years of experience in the office trenches, and twenty years teaching medical professionals nationally, Dr. Parker brings a fresh, comprehensive street sense to the variety of clinical challenges seen in everyday psychiatric problems. From ADHD meds, to addiction recovery, to specific neurotransmitter measurements and SPECT functional brain imaging, Parker encourages a fresh perspective based on real data. New, easily measurable brain evidence points weave a complex, interactive mind-body web that maps out improved ADHD treatment protocols. It sounds complicated but creates common sense, workable solutions. Dopamine receptors matter. Genetics, nutrition, and immunity issues matter every day. Parker regularly reports new science findings in over 400 articles on the award-winning CorePsych site.

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ISBN: 9781938467226
ISBN-10: 1938467221
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2013
Pages: 180
Language: English