Smart Butt: Scenes from a Bold-Faced Life (Starring Earlene) (Paperback)

Smart Butt: Scenes from a Bold-Faced Life (Starring Earlene) Cover Image
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"So here's the deal with my mom: she's recovering. She has been hurt for a long time--but it's not the kind you can see, like a broken leg that gets fixed by a cast. It's the invisible kind that gets fixed by a program." Earlene has a lot going on at home, and home is just where she prefers to keep it. She seeks distraction in her neighborhood and at school, but sometimes those places bring more questions than answers. With the help of some unexpected lessons and a homeless dog named Tripod, Earlene starts to sort out her feelings about herself, her family, and her place in the world. With an endearing and authentic voice, author Erin Fitzgerald takes the reader into the world of twelve-year-old Earlene. Readers, in turn, find themselves effortlessly taking Earlene (and her world) into their hearts.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781934894521
ISBN-10: 1934894524
Publisher: Motes
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2014
Pages: 84
Language: English