3D Munchies: Three-Dimensional Recipes to Satisfy Them Cravings (Hardcover)

3D Munchies: Three-Dimensional Recipes to Satisfy Them Cravings By Eli George Cover Image
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Bring your cravings into a whole new dimension.

Two dimensional recipes? How passé. We’re living in the 21st century, baby, and 3D Munchies is here to bring your late-night cravings to life. They say seeing is believing, and this book will let you visualize those super-cheesy nachos, spicy wings, and gooey chocolate s’mores before they even hit the plate – not to mention all the things you can do with the humble potato chip.

From (half) baked snacks to (fully) loaded, pop-off-the-page carbs, and a whole section for anyone chasing that sugar high, this book is here to satisfy all your senses with its over-the-top visuals and diet-unfriendly recipes.

Includes two sets of 3D glasses!

About the Author

Eli George is a Melbourne-based cook with a passion for pastry and creating the perfect snack. 3D Munchies is his first book.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781922417374
ISBN-10: 1922417378
Publisher: Smith Street Books
Publication Date: September 7th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English