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Solicitor General Bullitt: The Life of William Marshall Bullitt (Hardcover)

Solicitor General Bullitt: The Life of William Marshall Bullitt Cover Image
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As a young Louisville lawyer-reformer, William Marshall Bullitt (1873-1957) attracted the attention of Wm. Howard Taft, who asked Bullitt to help with his nomination for the presidency in 1908. Later Bullitt was rewarded with the office of solicitor general, where in 1912 the Louisvillian argued all of the government’s cases before the Supreme Court. The book describes how this year in Washington had an effect on Bullitt’s 62-year long career, and how he began spinning a web into which he collected the names of presidents, senators, ambassadors and scientists who could later advance his interests. During the 1930s he and two of his New York friends dominated the bar of the Supreme Court. Later, as a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment, Bullitt was involved with Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers and other famous people active in the beginning of the Cold War.

The Kentuckian’s interest in mathematics, astronomy and physics drove him to collect what has become one of the world’s most valuable collections of books. First editions of the works of Gallileo, Newton, Copernicus and Einstein were placed on the shelves of his 10,000 volume library at Oxmoor Farm outside Louisville. The author tells how Bullitt happened to collect these works, and how he amused himself in the company of the 20th century’s most prominent physicists.

Louisville readers may be particularly interested in Bullitt’s involvement in solving the kidnapping of heiress Alice Speed Stoll, his up-and-down relationship with R. W. Bingham, and his stash of cash which was stolen in a record-breaking burglary at Oxmoor Farm.

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ISBN: 9781889937151
Publisher: Crescent Hill Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2011
Pages: 280