Introducing Metamorphism (Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences) (Paperback)

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Metamorphic rocks are one of the three main types of rock. Originally comprising either igneous or sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks are the products of change by heat and pressure, often at great depths in the earth’s crust, into a completely new form. One of the classic examples of the result of a metamorphic process is the transformation of sedimentary mudstone into slate.Introducing Metamorphism provides a succinct introduction to metamorphism. Ian Sanders explains how and why rocks change during metamorphic processes. He discusses the role of water in metamorphism and describes the different types of metamorphic processes including contact, shock and high pressure metamorphism and metamorphism in an orogenic belt.Copiously illustrated and written for those who wish to gain a clear understanding of metamorphic processes, Introducing Metamorphism is designed to make the processes that led to the formation of these rocks intelligible to its readers. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and are explained in a glossary.

About the Author

Ian Sanders is a fellow emeritus of Trinity College Dublin where he taught for many years. He has a long interest in the formation of high-pressure metamorphic rocks. Ian Sanders is co-editor of the second edition of the authoritative Geology of Ireland.

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‘In summary, the author has succeeding in producing a text that provides a comprehensive description of metamorphism ranging from the simple fundamental definitions to complex metamorphic processes.It is superbly illustrated with, in particular, excellent photographs and microphotographs illustrating mineral textures, the relationship of minerals to structures and the relative development of minerals. In addition, there are many very clear and useful diagrams covering mineral types, their stability fields and their development under evolving metamorphic conditions, simplified facies maps, the relationship of minerals within triangular chemical diagrams, etc.This is a well-produced book and a comprehensive modern account of metamorphism.Each chapter contains a wealth of detail. It covers items of interest to the novice and those with experience in metamorphic rocks. Because of the depth of information, the relative novice might find a straight read rather overwhelming and might find it better to skim the essence of each section and then go back and study the detail as desired. Either way, all users will enjoy and gain from this book.’ Edinburgh Geologist

'Ian Sanders has produced an excellent introductory text into perhaps one of the more abstract and technical areas of the Earth Sciences.
Despite the fact that metamorphic rocks make up the bulk of the Earth’s crust, there is a glaring gap in the market for a succinct publication that examines the wide variety of processes that generate metamorphic rocks and minerals. Perhaps the paucity of publications in this field relates to the rather ‘unglamorous’ perception of this key area of geology or the necessity for at least a basic grounding in the chemical and physical sciences to understanding key metamorphic concepts. However, this book clearly shows the importance of understanding metamorphic processes in Earth Systems Science without losing the reader in the detailed kinematics of the subject.
The joy of Ian Sander’s textbook is that it makes the processes responsible for the formation of metamorphic rocks intelligible to its readers but does not shy away from key theories and concepts. The lack of unnecessary terminology (which is included as a glossary in the appendix) and incorporation of numerous illustrations makes this textbook an enthralling and informative read. Buy it, sit back, relax, read and enjoy!'
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Publication Date: September 6th, 2018
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