Bonsai: The Practical Guide to Cultivating and Growing Living Art (The Best Tools and Techniques to Get You to Success With Yo (Paperback)

Bonsai: The Practical Guide to Cultivating and Growing Living Art (The Best Tools and Techniques to Get You to Success With Yo By James Williams Cover Image
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Do you want to learn more about the art of Bonsai and create your own masterpiece without wasting a lot of time and money? Then keep reading...

Bonsai are the only trees that aren't planted for functions like fruits or wood. They serve simply to be movingly beautiful and relaxing. Bonsai owners develop a connection to nature that's difficult to describe. Some consider the practice to be therapeutic and a form of mediation.

Recreations of natural beauty.

It is quite a difficult hobby to master, however. Over pruning and creating an unbalanced tree is common for beginners. This can make your tree look unnatural and unhealthy. Changes take a long time to see and patience is necessary... But what if you are making mistakes and doing all of that waiting for nothing?

What's included in Bonsai for Beginners:

  • bonsai tree species that are perfect for beginners
  • Simple maintenance techniques that will get you from beginner to a confident bonsai enthusiast by the end of reading this book
  • bonsai styles complete with beautiful illustrations to help you create a truly unique and beautiful art form from your first tree
  • Next-level bonsai tips to lift your bonsai skills above and beyond
  • A comprehensive list of common FAQs should you ever get stuck

This book answers any and all of your questions about Bonsai trees. From growing, shaping, repotting, trimming, watering, it's all here While there are some basics you need to learn to keep your Bonsai flourishing, it's not nearly as difficult as most believe. This book points you in the right direction to get you started and keep your Bonsai's thriving. Growing Bonsai trees is a true living art form and this book is the perfect beginner's guide to mastering this art form. Enjoy

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Publication Date: October 17th, 2022
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