The Exodus & Beyond: Book II of UNLOCKING the DREAM VISION (Paperback)

The Exodus & Beyond: Book II of UNLOCKING the DREAM VISION By R. J. Von-Bruening Cover Image
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Take an unforgettable journey into one of the most heretical, blasphemous, and controversial accounts of the Exodus in a world beyond imagination. The Exodus & Beyond picks up the mystery of the divine Twin Brothers of legend and their connection to the great Exodus out of Egypt where the first book, UNLOCKING THE DREAM VISION: The secret history of creation, left off.

Within its pages, you will learn the importance of the divine Twin Brothers, along with the final secrets of the hidden history of humanity. It explores the last few lingering mysteries of the highly symbolic Dream Vision of Enoch and the secret history of creation that it holds that was revealed within the book, UNLOCKING THE DREAM VISION: The secret history of creation.

You will discover how the accepted historical timeline has been distorted to hide the real wisdom of the ages and humanity's true history. You will learn of the real motivations of the gods and why the equally mysterious Shepherds were sent after Enoch was taken from the generations of the Earth. You will also come to understand how the great Exodus out of Egypt is connected to the Bronze Age collapse of civilization and the mysterious Sea People that fell upon ancient Egypt. You will also learn how the events of the Exodus ultimately led the gods to destroy themselves and the world they had created so long ago.

Not only are the hidden secrets of the Exodus uncovered, but it will also reveal the greatest secrets of mythology and the ancient world. You will be presented with a new theory with conclusive evidence of why we find the same gods, iconography, mythology, and architecture style worldwide. It will also reveal the secrets to the mysterious religion of Zoroastrianism and its intimate connections to King Solomon's Temple and Judaism. In the process, it will also answer the profound question of what was the original polytheistic religious structure of the earliest Hebrews during the great Exodus out of Egypt and why it changed into the monotheistic belief we know today.

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ISBN: 9781732909649
ISBN-10: 1732909644
Publisher: R. J. Von- Bruening
Publication Date: January 31st, 2021
Pages: 226
Language: English