Khalsa Consciousness (Hardcover)

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Khalsa Consciousness is the purest and most exalted state of awareness that a human being is capable of experiencing in this lifetime. More importantly, it provides a clear and reliable pathway to transcendence and liberation now.

As described in this concise yet profound work, this form of Supreme Consciousness is attained through the practice of a unique and practical amalgam of Spiritual Technology, Character Development and Code of Conduct.

In the pages within, you will be introduced to a completely revolutionary worldview and lifestyle. By reading and reflecting upon the timeless wisdom shared in this book, the following questions will be answered directly and without equivocation:

  • What is God?
  • What is the Purpose of life?
  • What is my Mission in life?
  • What is Khalsa Consciousness?
  • Who are the Khalsa and what is their role in the course of Human Destiny?
  • What is the daily spiritual practice of one aspiring to Khalsa Consciousness?
  • What is the Code of Conduct taken on by one aspiring to Khalsa Consciousness?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732181021
ISBN-10: 1732181020
Publisher: Noble Lion Press
Publication Date: July 20th, 2018
Pages: 96
Language: English