Middleism Eschatology: An answer to the Preterism Heresy (Paperback)

Middleism Eschatology: An answer to the Preterism Heresy By Stephen N. Whitsett M. DIV Cover Image
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The greatest danger facing the church today is "False Theology", beliefs that border on heresy. Full /Hyper Preterism is such a Theology. This is not another book about the End of the World or a claim of something new but a different look at the End Times and combating the Heresy of Full Preterism. Is the phrase "Son of Man, Coming on Clouds" really a promise of a Second Coming? or is there something else there that academia has known but just never released to the pulpits of America. As more and more of America has become disillusioned with claims of an "imminent rapture of the church", the meaning of Blood Moons, or dates being set for His return, in which the day comes and goes with nothing, why should the world continue to listen to the church?

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ISBN: 9781726876384
ISBN-10: 1726876381
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 8th, 2018
Pages: 296
Language: English