Points of View - The Weapons (Paperback)

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In Book One, blind young Londoner, Horace Mayberry, always wanted to be a secret agent, but could only dream about being one. Persuaded to be fitted with intelligent nanotronic eyes, and then recruited as an apprehensive assistant to an experienced secret agent, Captain Aubrey Jackson, he took part in a series of exciting adventures and hazardous missions. His experiences affected his dreams and personality, and caused his amazing eyes to develop superhuman properties when he needed them. In this first sequel, Professor Freeman has been designing, and testing, a new type of weapon, using the intelligent nanotechnology developed for Horace's eyes, but five of the first six prototypes have been stolen Horace, Aubrey Jackson, and a new team member, Harry Jenkins, face deception, intrigue and dangerous adventures as they travel through England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Austria in their quest to recover the weapons and discover who was behind the robbery. Horace's new experiences cause his dreams to become even more vivid, his personality to further evolve, and his eyes to develop even more amazing abilities, as he needs them, including the ability to interact with the weapons..

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ISBN: 9781722761639
ISBN-10: 1722761636
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 1st, 2018
Pages: 198
Language: English
Series: Points of View