Adventure Underground (Legend of Otherland #2) (Hardcover)

Adventure Underground (Legend of Otherland #2) By Chuck Kelly Cover Image
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On the enchanted planet of Otherland, thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles is forced by a one-inch tall Flooglebopper to return with him to the center of Otherland in his cobamole. There he is required to defend the diminutive mining community's precious mangolite from the one-foot tall Bargolians, who plan to steal the mangolite to light their underground city. Bunker's friend Gittel is captured by the High Priest of Bargolia while attempting to rescue him and forced to to fight against him in their defence. Can Bunker use diplomacy to reconcile the two sides and rescue Gittel?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781681600918
ISBN-10: 1681600919
Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing
Publication Date: April 28th, 2016
Pages: 238
Language: English
Series: Legend of Otherland