Death Rituals among the Karanga of Zimbabwe (Hardcover)

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One of the inescapable truths that humanity has to grapple with is the reality of death. The manner in which we die, or the cause of our death, may differ, but death remains inevitable. We may be afraid of it or not; we may try to evade it, or not, but death still comes. Although most religions promise the possibility of another life in the hereafter, there is no scientifically verifiable evidence about the reality of that life. Despite that lack of evidence, every culture performs death rituals meticulously to prepare the spirits of its deceased for whatever form of life that may be available. Death Rituals among the Karanga of Zimbabwe: Praxis, Significance, and Changes explores the causes of sickness and death, and the praxis of pre-burial, burial, and post-burial rituals of the Karanga of Zimbabwe in an attempt to unearth their original form and significance, to identify the changes that have taken place. It also provides a brief manual for the performance of some selected Karanga death rituals.

About the Author

John Chitakure is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Mexican American Catholic College, and Adjunct Professor of The Religious Quest at University of the Incarnate Word, at San Antonio, Texas. He is author of Shona Women in Zimbabwe: A Purchased People? (2016) and several other books.

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ISBN: 9781666722642
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Publication Date: October 4th, 2021
Pages: 292
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