Palm Reading for Beginners: A Guide to Discovering Your Strengths and Decoding Your Life Path (Paperback)

Palm Reading for Beginners: A Guide to Discovering Your Strengths and Decoding Your Life Path By Kenneth Lagerstrom Cover Image
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Your spiritual journey is in your hands—the essential guide to palm reading

What if the answers you've been looking for are right there, in the palm of your hand? If you're a novice to the practice of palmistry and want to dive deep into this alluring subject, Palm Reading for Beginners will show you how to look through a window into your past, present, and future presented in one single, universal language—our hands.

From improving mental clarity to understanding your own potential, this book combines all the core principles of this ancient art. Learn to analyze the lines and mounts of the palm, hand movements and shapes, and patterns of fingerprints to put them together and apply meaning to everyday life.

Palm Reading for Beginners interesting tidbits include:
  • Profound and relatable—The how-to information is in-depth, thorough, and easy-to-understand making your palm reading journey easy.
  • Invaluable insight—Use these essential palm reading methods to not only examine a hand but interpret what you see.
  • Illuminating illustrations—The clear and concise drawings make it that much easier for you to perfect the practice.

With Palm Reading for Beginners, you'll see your life in ways you never thought possible.

About the Author

KENNETH LAGERSTROM is a professional cheirologist. He created and after developing his own unique system of hand analysis, known as Holistic Cheirology, he became a partner in developing the Avdeychik/Lagerstrom system of fingerprint analysis and statistical combinations.

Praise For…

A well written, easy-to-read book that covers all the basics of palmistry, but with some surprising extras—the author adds his understanding and interpretation of hand movements and gestures. It held my interest and is a worthy point of departure for the novice palmist.”—Jennifer Hirsch, chirology and palmistry practitioner

“Of the many books on palmistry I've read, few do a better job than Kenneth Lagerstrom's Palm Reading for Beginners in orienting the reader to the history and features of the palm and, most importantly, how to ethically offer a reading to a client.”—Jim Barker, palm reader, founder of

“Everything you needed to know about palmistry is right here in your hands. Ken’s marvelous Palm Reading for Beginners not only covers the history but also provides concise, detailed, and practical tools so you can start practicing the art right away. This very well written and illustrated guide will inspire you to truly begin your journey of self-discovery!” —Harry Nichols, high performance coach, master trainer of NLP

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ISBN: 9781646112432
ISBN-10: 1646112431
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English