Case Studies in Veterinary Virology (Hardcover)

Case Studies in Veterinary Virology By Travis Schroeder (Editor) Cover Image
By Travis Schroeder (Editor)
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Veterinary virology is a major branch of veterinary medicine that studies viruses in non-human animals. Some of the viruses studied under this discipline are rhabdoviruses, foot and mouth disease viruses, pestiviruses, parvoviruses, coronaviruses, toroviruses and influenza etc. Rhabdoviruses are single stranded, negative sense RNA viruses which can infect a wide variety of animals. A few examples of rhabdoviruses are rabies virus and vesicular stomatitis virus. Foot and mouth disease viruses are non-enveloped, positive strand, RNA viruses that cause foot and mouth diseases in animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs. Pestiviruses are made up of single stranded, positive-sense RNA genomes. Diseases like classic swine fever and bovine viral diarrhea are caused due to these viruses. Parvoviruses are one of the tiniest viruses. They cause diseases in the gastrointestinal tract and lymphatic system. This book explores all the important aspects of veterinary virology. It also elucidates some of the vital pieces of work conducted across the world, on various topics related to this field. The extensive content of this book provides the readers with a thorough understanding of the subject.

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