Aztec Empire (Ancient Times) (Paperback)

Aztec Empire (Ancient Times) By Lori Dittmer Cover Image
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If you were a child in ancient Egypt, what would life be like for you? Would you learn hieroglyphics and bathe frequently? Would you work on a farm or train for a craft? Step back in time to explore 've of the most in uential societies in human history from a younger person's point of view. Key aspects of daily life, basic governmental structure, and beliefs are explored at an accessible reading level, leading up to a spotlight on a well-known architectural accomplishment that still exists today. A useful supplement for elementary social studies curricula. This cultural overview of the Aztec Empire situates the reader within the society, describing key aspects of daily life, beliefs, and architectural accomplishments such as the Templo Mayor.

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ISBN: 9781628326741
ISBN-10: 1628326743
Publisher: Creative Paperbacks
Publication Date: August 20th, 2019
Pages: 24
Language: English
Series: Ancient Times