The Two-Edged Sword (Paperback)

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Thirteen-year-old Benjamin is brave; but when a Roman soldier stabs his mother during an uprising in the Jerusalem marketplace, he is unable to protect her. Struggling with guilt and sorrow, he prays that she will live. When his prayers go unanswered, he vows never again to ask God for help.

Still struggling with his mother's death, Benjamin obediently attends temple with his father and grandfather. At the service, a stranger stands next to him.

As Benjamin's arm accidentally brushes the man's cloak, a wave of peace washes over him that he hasn't felt since before his mother's death. Why does the man's presence affect him so deeply? Who is this stranger? Where did he come from?

In pursuit of the answers, Benjamin takes an incredible journey of discovery.

About the Author

Caye Patterson Bartell changed how she viewed herself as a writer, when at a Christian Writers Conference, she discovered that writing could also be a ministry. Her awareness of God in each ordinary day showed up in her poems, short stories, and devotionals. After her second pilgrimage to Israel, she felt inspired to write a novel set in the Holy Lands during the time of Jesus. Her journey while writing this book not only enriched her personal relationship with the Lord, but it also increased her knowledge of the Holy Spirit's guidance, and it taught her to let go of her own plans and to trust in God.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781622451722
ISBN-10: 1622451724
Publisher: Launch!
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2014
Pages: 224
Language: English